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Kate Bush
Kate Bush
The Dreaming

Original Release Date:  September 13, 1982

Track Listing
  • 1. Sat in Your Lap
  • 2. There Goes a Tenner
  • 3. Pull out the Pin
  • 4. Suspended in Gaffa
  • 5. Leave It Open
  • 6. The Dreaming
  • 7. Night of the Swallow
  • 8. All the Love
  • 9. Houdini
  • 10. Get out of My House
  • Dónal Lunny: Bouzouki, Bouz
  • Kate Bush: Piano, Strings, Arranger, Keyboards, Vocals, Producer, Fairlight, CS-80
  • Eberhard Weber: Bass
  • David Taylor: Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
  • Rolf Harris: Didjeridu
  • Seán Keane: Fiddle, Violin
  • Stewart Arnold: Vocals, Vocals (Background)
  • Jimmy Bain: Bass
  • Ian Bairnson: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
  • Brian Bath: Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
  • Haydn Bendall: Engineer
  • Paddy Bush: Harmonica, Mandolin, Strings, Stick, Vocals, Vocals (Background), Bullroar
  • George Chambers: Assistant Engineer
  • Bill Clark: ?, Sleeve Coordinator
  • Nick Cook: Assistant Engineer
  • Geoffrey Downes: Trumpet, Trumpet Arrangement
  • Percy Edwards: Sound Effects, Vocals, Animal Sounds
  • Stuart Elliot: Drums
  • Stuart Elliott: Percussion, Drums, Stick
  • Gordon Farrell: Drums, Vocals
  • David Gilmour: Vocals, Vocals (Background)
  • Howard Gray: Assistant Engineer
  • Paul Hardiman: Vocals, Engineer, Mixing
  • Preston Heyman: Drums, Stick
  • Gary Hurst: Vocals, Vocals (Background)
  • Nick Launay: Engineer
  • Dave Lawson: Synthesizer, Synclavier, String Arrangements
  • Alan Murphy: Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
  • Liam O'Flynn: Pipe, Penny Whistle, Uillean Pipes
  • Hugh Padgham: Engineer
  • Del Palmer: Bass, Vocals, Fretless Bass, 8-String Bass
  • Esmail Sheikh: Drums, Talking Drum
  • Richard Thornton: Vocals, Choir, Chorus
  • Bill Whelan: Arranger, Writer, Horn Arrangements, String Arrangements
  • Peter Woolliscroft: Digital Editing
  • Ian Cooper: Cutting Engineer, Cut
  • Danny Thompson: Bass
  • Pete Wooliscroft: Digital Editing
  • Danny Dawson: Assistant Engineer
  • Nick Price: Color Tinting
  • Teri Reed: Assistant Engineer
  • David Earl Taylor: Assistant Engineer
  • John Barrett: Assistant Engineer
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